Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Problem with Miracles

Do you ever wish God would do a miracle in your life?  A knock your socks off, blow your mind, kind of miracle?  Then, He doesn’t?  We have a problem with miracles today.  Not that they aren’t happening.  But that we don’t actually know what we are asking for.

The first thought that comes to mind about miracles is something stupendous happening to something around us.  When you are broke and don’t know where to turn, you pray for a miracle of money to fall in your lap.  When someone is sick or dying, we pray for a miraculous healing.

There is nothing wrong with that.  And God does do some pretty fantastic things regarding those problems in our lives. 

But our problem with miracles is that we rarely are looking for and asking for the best type(and the one you can have today) of miracle.

Our first inclination is to run from problems and scream for help.  And when we don’t get it, we are angry, and sad, and disappointed with God.

 God isn’t in the business of giving stuff and making life “better”.  He is in the heart transplant field.

We are made for much more than paying your bills, or not being sick, or not dying.  We are made for the radical transformation that makes us something we weren’t before.  His.

Every moment of every day we have the opportunity to be changed in ways that will astound us.  This change will alter the way you view those trials in your life.  No longer will they be obstacles that destroy, but opportunities to see you learn more of what it means to be His. 

The miracle will be that you don’t need the miracle you wished for.  Because if you are in Christ, the miracle has already happened that covers all.
So, start praying and seeking the miracle of letting God change your heart, not your stuff.


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