Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hurting Yourself

"If a man digs a pit, he will fall into it;
if a man rolls a stone, it will roll back on him"
Proverbs 26:27
Who is harmed when you harm others?  Well, obviously them, but, less obviously, you.  Whether intentional or not, callous, uncaring and harmful behavior always returns to us. 
Have you ever wanted to tell someone off, or maybe even pop them in the mouth?  It is pretty satisfying.....initially.  How many times have you done something like that to have consequences later to deal with?  Telling your boss to "take a hike"(or something like that...) might be great.  But not having a job is low on the list of things I like.  Hitting that jerk who made someone you love cry makes you feel like a hero, until you end up with police charges.
Of course those are extreme examples.  But if we are honest, everything we do that harms someone else in some capacity leads to harm for ourselves. 
The most damaging way this occurs is through plain old oblivious self-centeredness.  One of the great lies that we tend to believe is that my life is my life and I can do whatever I want.  It is impossible to count the ways in which we are interconnected with people within our families and communities.  The things we do and say can have profound effects on so many people.  And when we hurt them, it will turn around to damage us in some way.
James 1:19 says, "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry".  Where are you being hasty in words and deeds?  Where can you slow down and think, "Is this ultimately helpful or hurtful?"
Everything we do should be through the lens of being a blessing.  And it is hard to think that way when we only think of ourselves. 
At our core, we are made to honor and glorify God through loving those who bear His image.  And, hurting those same people will always lead to repercussions.
So what can you do this week to slow down and think slowly about what you will say or do?  What can you do to be a blessing to those who you sometimes would rather be a curse?
Don't be Jabba the Hut.  The Pit you dig
for others will be your own!

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