Thursday, August 21, 2014

How we can finally have a Saved by the Bell reunion

Disclaimer:  This is not a post about the Bible.  If you are interested in those posts, all my other posts will meet that need...this is something I have been thinking about for a while and didn't have a good place to post about it.

At the top of nearly every list of the greatest tv series in the history of the world is Saved by the Bell.  When you honestly evaluate modern television it is impossible to not see the profound influence of SBTB on virtually everything out there.

Breaking Bad:  School Employee engages in shenanigans with trouble making student that at times appears altruistic, but often is just a selfish pursuit of personal gain.

House of Cards:  Main character regularly breaks the fourth wall to converse with the audience.

Two and a Half Men:  Girl crazy male actors find themselves in a series of hijinks in the attempt to get a "date"

Firefly:  A group of friends who in the real world would have no business being friends find themselves in a series of adventures together, often attempting to help and save others.

Battlestar Galactica:  Screech's robot pal is clearly an early cylon.

Pretty Little Liars:  High school stuff.  Sometimes it gets too real for even high school though!

Clearly this list could go on forever.  But that isn't my point.  What is important is how do we get a reunion to finally happen.
There is only one serious obstacle.
Another thing this show created
If you are out of the loop...lets just say...Dustin/Screech has burned a few bridges. 
There is no doubt in my mind that if Screech was taken off the table the other actors would jump at the chance to reprise the greatest roles ever created for television.  So, how do we write a reunion show that eliminates Screech and has a semi-plausible reason to bring the characters back together?
Screech's funeral!!!
Due to not being a professional script writer, let me just give you the main idea for the plot.....
Each of the other characters are given a brief moment on screen where we can get a sense of what they have been up to...
Zach:  Sports agent
AC:  P90x type of program he is the face of
Lisa:  Fashion Designer
Jessie:  Doctor
Kelly:  Kindergarten teacher
Obviously each of them will be shown to be successful, but unfulfilled.  It will be obvious that though they have professionally succeeded, they don't have people to share life with.  They are lonely. 
And this lonliness hits home when they each receive a letter from Screech's mom about his tragic robot related death(something he built malfunctioned or something).  So off they go back to Bayside for the funeral.  (Mr Belding is obviously officiating the funeral).
When they all arrive they of course rekindle their friendships and are having a good time reminiscing about childhood.  Then they find out from Mr Belding that some big evil corporation is buying up the deed for the school and is tearing it down to build a....ummm....toxic waste dump.....
So they gang gets to work on finding a way to save their old school and help Belding keep his job...something something something....Zach and Kelly fall in love again and get married(Mr Belding obviously officiating) and everyone decides to move back home since their careers are flexible. 

Let's make this happen. 
See, they already like to avoid Screech!

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