Monday, January 6, 2014

Always a Let Down

Matthew 6:19
"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on Earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal"

You know why I like to sin?

Because there is an immediate pay off.

 Like, right then. 

Whatever it might be, I get what it is I wanted.  And in that moment, it can feel soooo good.  Whether it is giving in to anger, having not so pure thoughts, being lazy(favorite one), or, being SELFISH(another biggie), pursuit of that "thing" gives me the immediate sense of "stocking up".

Putting the things of God first rarely has an immediate emotional payoff.  Sort of like buying a new video game feels a lot better today then saving $60 in the bank does.  Sure, I know I want to save money, but that game is going to be soooo much fun....for the week.....

In Matthew, Jesus has some strong, and honest, words for us.  What we store up for ourselves here in our flesh(earth) is all going away.  It does not actually meet the deep need that you felt that drove you to whatever it was you did.  For a moment you have something stored up, but soon it will be gone, and you are left empty again. 

Only in Christ are we able to build something that lasts. 

Be honest with yourself.  When you pursue the things that are diametrically in opposition to what God calls you to, how is the long term return on investment?  Pretty poor? 

Don't be surprised.

Get mad.

See, you keep telling yourself a lie, and you keep believing it.  That "this" thing, "this" behavior, "this" relationship, "this" action, will finally help you settle down.  Feel more like yourself.  Give you some breathing room.  Provide some peace. 

At first it does.

But it never lasts.

It always ends up being a let down.

We are made for more than what we accept for ourselves.  In your mothers womb God knit you together and called you by name.  You are an immortal soul bound currently in mortal trials.  And too often, bogged down by them.

Do you want to feel peace, hope, fulfillment, joy?  Then start investing in something that will actually provide that.  The payoff isn't always immediate, but it is lasting.  And the compounding interest will blow your mind.

Charles Spurgeon said "The greatest sin we commit is sacrificing what we want most in the world for what we want right now". 

Stop sacrificing your future for what you want right now.  Start investing in things that will actually last.
Ironically, this movies title worked on multiple levels.  Who would have thought a film starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McGhonnneghhyyyy(sp?) could have been so terrible....

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