Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome To The Blogoverse

  After much consideration and contemplation I have finally decided to embark into the world of blogging.  I briefly considered "vlogging", but was reminded that I have a radio stars face.....The purpose of this blog is tri-fold.

  1)  Unlike many other bloggers who try to pretend that they are very humble in their endeavors and only desire to put down a few personal thoughts for posterity's sake, I fully intend to use this as a launching pad to my career as an internationally renowned speaker, writer, and TMZ level celebrity.  This is ultimately rooted in the self-belief that I am capable of creating unique and informative commentary on a wide variety of subjects through the written word.  While time may prove this as yet unproven hypothesis as false, I will not be able to verify that until I actually attempt to accomplish something.

  2)  I desire to have a platform to expound on a variety of theological positions I maintain.  This is a two sided purpose.  One, I am an verbalizing thinker.  Meaning, I most fully grasp concepts and ideas when i am forced to express them in a way that informs and teaches others.  By having this "solid" outlet it will help to encourage me to more articulately shape and develop my theology through the influence of scripture(primarily) and of other theologians(secondarily).  Second, I would like to provide a resource for those God has blessed me with the opportunity to lead.  While I will never place myself in a position as the end all and be all of Biblical and Spiritual training, I do take the roles that I have been called to seriously, and therefore, want to help provide as many accessible resources as possible.

   3)  Finally, I want to expand the influence and reach of my pastoral role at Upper Arlington Grace Brethren Church.  While many people will tend to just ignore this blog in regards to its connection to my church, it will be a place (amongst many) that i will utilize to inform and connect to the people who have chosen to walk through the doors of our church, and to those who are considering it for the first time.

  With those three "purposes" being laid out I also want to lay out for you the expectation you can have regarding this blog.

   1) Many of my early posts will undoubtedly be nothing more than personal thoughts that may or may not be fully coherent and defensible.  But, you can fully expect me to take these potential "rough draft" ideas and more thoroughly research any given position that I may take and update accordingly.  If you have a point of contention with a statement I make, feel free to critically assess and debate it.  I welcome the opportunities to more fully develop my arguments.

    2)  Outside of cursing, I will never edit or remove a readers comments

    3)  I will address any question anyone may ask me regarding religion, christianity, truth, sex/sexuality, politics, etc.  No non-personal question will be off limits for me to respond to.

    4)  While attempting to illuminate a given subject I will also attempt to entertain.  Attempt probably being the key word.

    5)  My main influence of thought, philosophy and position will be found in scripture.  At some point I might expound upon why I believe the Bible is the most reliable source material for any position one may take, but for the purposes of reading my blog in the perspective it is intended, be aware it is written through the influence of a Scriptural Literalist Position.

  I hope you will each find this blog to be a source of helpful information and insight while still connecting in way that is engaging and entertaining.  My first "offical" blog will be "Who Would Jesus Have Voted for Last Tuesday?"  And will either be finished tonight or tomorrow.


  1. sweet man. hope you get famous! i'l read for awhile .. so KEEP MY INTEREST! :)

  2. Hello, Son, this is your mother. Over the years you have said many (and I do mean many) silly, crazy, outlandish and foolish things. You have, however, also spouted lots of intelligent, profound, thoughtful and biblically-oriented thoughts. I suppose this blog will be no different. As always, I will sit back and enjoy and be the proud mother I am.